Techniques in Home Winemaking is a resource for home winemakers looking for information or help on making great wines, and to share that knowledge with fellow winemakers. This resource is based and builds on my book by the same title. Much of my experience is derived from extensive literature search as well as from my experience both as a home and a commercial winemaker. Click here if interested in ordering a signed copy of my book.


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  1. Mike M

    Hi Daniel,
    I want to say thank you for your book and all the help you have given me in wine making from my grapes grown in greenhouse here in Anchorage Alaska. I never made any wine before so your instructions were a big help. My Chard., Riesling and Pinot Gris turned out very well and its as good as any bottle in the store for $15.00.
    My kit wines which are now 120 days old taste very good also and they were made like the wines from grapes. I have not added any Sorbate from the kit as the wines were fermented to zero Brix, however , they do not taste dry like my other Cardonnnay wines; they have a hint of sweetness. Should I add sorbate?
    Thanks again, Mike

    1. Daniel Pambianchi

      Hi Mike,

      Always happy to help a winemaker-in-need 😉

      I’m happy your wines turned out great. That’s the best reward for a winemaker, making something yourself and that you truly love and enjoy.

      If the kit came with sorbate, add it, and definitely do if you taste some sweetness. It won’t hurt but at least your mind will be at ease. Give the wine some time, they all do, to develop its rich aromas and flavors.



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